About Us

Ran Oil LLC was founded in 1993 by Robert Armavir Galustyan, owner of the company and a successful businessman. The main goal of the company is to provide various types of services to population and organizations, fuel import and wholesale realization both from bases and from retail outlets. Ran Oil has gained wide popularity over the years and today many people are well-known in Armenia. The company owns a large number of bases and gas stations located in different regions of Armenia where high quality fuels are supplied. The success of the company Mr. According to Galustian, it is largely conditioned by imported high quality fuel and high quality customer service. According to the founder of the company, honesty and punctuality are the best qualities that every businessman's slogan should become. The company also carries out many initiatives. In August 2000, the company signed an intergovernmental agreement with well-known Iranian companies, thus becoming the sole and official representative of Iranian motor oils, lubricants, anti-flammable liquids in the Republic of Armenia. Since 2012 Ran Oil has become the official representative of the Russian Gazpromneft and Russian-Italian G-Energy companies in Armenia, expanding the production of Russian and Italian motor and industrial oils, lubricants and anti-inflammatory products in the Republic of Armenia. Since 2014 Ran Oil has become the official representative of Denckermann brand in Armenia. Ran Oil has managed to become one of the leading companies in the fuel market over the years, but it does not hinder the company's leadership to implement new ideas and tools to deliver its products to consumers in an affordable way. The striking evidence of this is the various campaigns regularly held by the company, bonus savings cards to all those who wish, as well as discount coupons for regular customers. Today there is a healthy competition in the fuel market, but Ran Oil's fuel consumers are already benefiting from high quality fuel at affordable prices. The company plans to expand its activities in the future to implement new projects. It should also be mentioned that at present, besides fuel sales, Mr. Galustyan is engaged in hotel business. He is the owner of the Bella hotel complex.