Wholesale supplies, as a separate line of activity, were initially included in the RANOIL strategy. The wholesale base is equipped with modern technical equipment, which allows fast and accurate customer service. At the request of customers, large volumes of fuel can be delivered to the company's own vehicles by different ways.


The principle of the coupon system is based on customer conveniences that can choose the type of financial relationships with the company. The attractiveness of coupling coupling is due to a number of factors. The sales coupon system is designed to provide more affordable and comfortable customer service. This flexible payment option also offers a flexible discount system. In the case of long-term contracts with the customer, there are individual discounts for regular purchases. Permanent clients of the company receive exclusive offers.

The G-ENERGY SERVICE network includes 3 services in Yerevan. Customer service is carried out in accordance with European standards. In addition to cash payments, there is a non-cash option too.

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